One Pharma Ltd. has a state of the art manufacturing plant at Bogura, Bangladesh. The plant
has equipped with highly sophisticated & ultra-modern facilities and it starts operation on
18 Nov 2015.The plant is developed by strictly adhering all pre-requisite of the regulatory
standards of DGDA, Bangladesh and of WHO cGMP.

One Pharma has set quality benchmarks at this state-of-the-art plant through the deployment
of the latest and best international technology and a refusal to compromise on quality at
any stage of the manufacturing process. By applying the latest technology, it manufactures
medicines of wide range of therapeutic classes like antiulcerants, antibiotics, NSAIDs,
antipyretics, vitamins & minerals, laxatives, cardiovasculars, cough and cold remedies,
antispasmodics, antihistamines, antifungal, antifibrinolytics, antiemetics, etc. in this
plant. Each and every person of the plant is working relentlessly to uphold its world-class
quality. The WHO approved cGMP guidelines are strictly followed, in every single steps of
operation in the plant and routinely monitored by DGDA.

World class HVAC systems of One Pharma ensures optimum manufacturing environment of the
plant. All manufacturing devices are digitally programmed for highest precision. Moreover,
it has ultra-modern Fluid Bed Processing unit, Hi-tech Tablet compression Machine,
Auto-spray Tablet Coating Machine , Auto feeder Blister machine, Auto encapsulation
machines, Auto liquid filling sealing line and Auto PFS filling sealing with packaging
facility have boosts up One pharma .These ultra modern Technology are used in One Pharma to
manufacture all dosage forms.

As water is the key component for pharmaceutical products, we have world-class water
treatment plant. It also has built-in Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) which ensures
environment-friendly pharmaceutical waste management practices. One Pharma also ensure
environment certificate from relevant govt. authority.